A New Library Written in Rust for the Bitcoin Cash Community

The Bitcoin Cash Community has been exposed recently to one more Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Library which is said to be scripted in a different coding language. Rust, the systems programming platform, is a syntax which not much indistinguishable from the code C++ which was brought up by Graydon Hoare. The new library, however, is a new project by Brenton Gunning, named Rust-BCH 0.1.0. The library will be loaded with protocol messages, address generation, support for mainnet and testnet, transaction signing, script evaluation, wallet key derivation primarily.

Gunning announces on Reddit:

“Today I’m releasing Rust-BCH 0.1.0, a new library to build applications on Bitcoin Cash in Rust. All the existing Rust libraries were lacking for me in one way or another — You can use it to build a wallet, or a node, do chain analysis, and anything really — I use Rust-BCH myself for projects so I’ve also benefited from others’ contributions and this is me giving back.”

Brenton Gunning’s Rust-BCH 0.1.0 is now available on Github.

To Gunning, Rust is an impressive and praiseworthy programming language and he is of the opinion that it is “fast and low-level, but also very safe and predictable.” In fact, it can prove to be the “great fit” for BCH applications and is of the strong belief that it would see a rush of programmers who would convey a preference for the coding language.

It is to be noted that the Rust-BCH Github project has no link whatsoever with the Rust-Bitcoin project. Although, Bitcoin projects like Parity and Bitcrust that recognise the Rust language and Gunning believes “the two projects could be used together.” He had already published the Rust-BCH documentation.

Recently enough, Bitcoin Cash network has been interacting with a lot of libraries and full node projects documented in various languages. Bitcoin ABC, Unlimited, and SV are clients who have their language written in the C programming language which Satoshi used it for releasing the authentic client. A full node and library for Bitcoin Cash built with Javascript/NodeJS are owned by Bcoin client alone. Bitcoin.com informs:

“…two libraries written in the Golang coding environment and Yenom developers have been working on an iOS compatible Swift implementation of the BCH protocol.”

Gunning is excited to see how all goes and he foresees a success already. He is particularly interested to “see how the fork goes.”

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