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Hacker Post is an initiative to spread awareness regarding blockchain and cybersecurity news. We aim to provide authentic news information and daily updates on emerging technologies. We also deliver our audience with credible tips for securing their privacy and to safeguard their data on the online space.

We have legit sources, therefore, we run accurate, unbiased and old-fashioned “reportage” in following the journalistic ethics. Our content is purely researched, reported as well true to facts.

HackerPost was woven from the young entrepreneurs of Technology and journalism – a collaborative impact managed by Aditya Janu (Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking expertise) and Joel Mathew (Technical and cryptocurrency expertise).

We have a team of blockchain and ethical hacking enthusiasts with an urge to provide service and to liberate our netizens with appropriate researchers in the field of Fin-Tech (Financial Technology), Ethical hacking (Cyber-Security) and blockchain (as well cryptocurrency).

The founders and team leads

Aditya Janu is a young ethical hacker and delivers excellency in the region of cyber-security. He has a rapport with his audience in providing credible anti-hacking measures. He holds various years of experience in the area of ethical hacking and programming in the cyber world. He is the Co-founder and managing partner of the news agency HackerPost. He leads the security and marketing team.

Joel Mathew is a cyber-journalist and holds an interest in the cryptocurrency market. He believes blockchain as technology is revolutionary and he also holds sources and researchers in order to deliver the experience of true journalism.  He is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of our information services website (HackerPost). He is the Chief-editor, Content Manager and leads the team of content writers at HackerPost. 

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