Recently, Airbus reported a data breach. In addition, Airbus is the world’s second-largest aircraft manufacturer giant. Airbus manufactures, designs and sells thousands of military and civil aerospace products all over the world.

Airbus announced that it had detected a cyber attack on its commercial aircraft business’ systems. In addition, this cyber incident allowed hackers to illegally access Airbus’ data. The company has around 129,000 employees. Airbus detected the intrusion on 6th January

Airbus stated

There was no impact on Airbus’ commercial operations.

In addition, Airbus said it is in contact with the relevant regulatory authorities and the data protection authorities in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Airbus is unable to disclose any further information on the cyber incident at this time because the investigation is still underway. 

Airbus’ own cyber division is working on investigating this cyber incident. Furthermore, Airbus’ security professionals have taken immediate actions to prevent such incidents in future. In addition, they’ve strengthened their security defences. However, the cause of this cyber attack and the identity of cybercriminals are still unknown.

Investigation for this incident is still underway. However, It is still unclear if any specific data was stolen. Although, Airbus said some personal information related data was accessed. Airbus claimed that the data which hackers accessed was related to professional contact and IT identification details of its employees in Europe. Airbus advised its staff to take all necessary precautions to avoid any further attack. All those affected by the breach were notified before the breach was made public.

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