Augur (REP) Unveiled its Potentiality

Augur is said to be a decentralized prediction market platform stationed on the Ethereum Blockchain. Recently they took to make an effort to make the network a mainstream in the form of launching a new platform called Veil. It has been launched successfully on the mainnet and recently driving a massive trading momentum. The p2p prediction market and derivatives platform and market prediction are backed up by Augur, Ox and Ethereum and operated essentially by Veil International Limited, a Cayman Islands Company. However, it is still not made available to the users of the United States, Cuba, Syria, North Korea. It is to be noted that these areas are imposed with crypto trading laws.

“We foresee a not-so-distant future where millions of people create and trade in millions of markets. And we’re thrilled to finally launch Veil on Mainnet and bring that future just a little closer,” the company blog proclaimed.

On 17th of January, 2019, Augur went on to surge up to as much as 50%. Its daily volume had been recorded as $46.5 million from $6.8 million. Binance owned up to 30% of the REPs.

As per the news published on

“Veil makes it easy to buy leveraged positions on three trading pairs, BTC/USD, REP/USD, and ZRX/USD. It also makes predictions on a wide range of scenarios, such as Academy award winners, a lot easier. Users can also trade on Ethereum hedging products which provide options for fundamentals such as the GAS price and current network hashrate. In addition to Veil, the new Augur app version 1.9.1 has just been released on Github.”

With increased users and followers. Augur is trading at $186,358,921, priced at $16.94 and a circulating supply of 11,000,000. On the weekly scale, it is waving all green with 104.44%, a mark of great success. However, considering the recent bearish crypto market at the time of writing, its last 24 hours trade stands sharply against its weekly performance. It has been recorded in red with a fall of 10.75%. This is expected to improve over the coming hours, provided it clings on to its effort.

Placed 29th presently at CoinMarketCap, it possesses the potentiality to mount up a few steps upwards. With its new moves, it definitely poses for an attractive platform for the crypto sceptics.

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