Baby Monitor Hacked: Couple threatened With Kidnapping

HARRIS COUNTY, TX (KPRC/CNN) – Topper Rigney gets all the adoration and care you would expect for a 4-month-old to say the least. He’s always in the arms or within the eyesight of his parents, Ellen and Nathan, thanks to a network of Nest cameras.

“My husband laughed. He called it my CCTV because I would have the Nest cam pulled up on the iPad over there and then the little audio monitor right next to it so I could see him from every angle,” Ellen Rigney explained.

Over Topper’s crib are two cameras with audio and the only voice they ever transmitted was his, until late Monday night.

“I said, ‘Hey, what is this, what’s going on?’ We hear it again and two beeping, it’s the noise it makes, and then we heard sexual expletives being said in his room,” Ellen Rigney said. “So, we throw on the light in our room. He turned that camera on and told us, said ‘Turn off the light.’ And then said, ‘I’m going to kidnap your baby – I’m in your baby’s room.’”

His father dashed upstairs only to discover Topper sound and safe, which is when his mother remembered a story about WiFi camera hacking. “I kept telling him, I’m like, ‘He’s not in here, someone’s hacking this,'” Ellen Rigney recalled. They shut it down quick and called police, scared, assuaged and determined to warn any individual who would listen by posting the story online.

“I didn’t know what to think. It was the most frightening. It’s a voice that I will never forget, unnerving and unsettling,” Ellen Rigney said. “You have something that’s supposed to make you feel better. And instead, it makes you feel the opposite, makes you feel invaded and uncomfortable.”

The family has tossed out the WiFi cameras – and is just utilizing a disconnected, shut circuit camera now. There was a similar story in the area in 2015 when a caretaker said that a man hacked into the baby monitor of the child she was taking care of and asked her what was she doing in the house.

The most effective method to secure your Wifi Baby Monitor

Regardless of whether your Wifi monitor is not included on the hackable list, this does not imply that your monitor is protected.

Here is some guidance from specialists which can make your screens increasingly secure!

 Buy your monitor specifically from the organization that makes them. Abstain from purchasing used/pre-owned.

 As soon as you get your product, before setting it up, register it. By doing this, you will get receive software updates that are explicitly rolled out for security concerns.

 Change the default password for the monitor. Ensure that the password is unique, long, and strong. Default passwords are easy to guess by hackers!

 Put password protection on your home router. Try not to utilize common passwords or passwords that include your town, city, or your name.

 Firewall your privacy! In the event that you don’t realize how to do this, employ an expert to install a Firewall between your internet connection and all of your devices! This will keep intruders out!

 Secure your Wifi! Ensure your home Wifi is secured legitimately with WPA2 + encryption and SSID masking to make it hard to hack!

 Turn-off your Baby Monitor when not in use. Leaving on gadgets all the time makes it easier for interlopers to hack the frameworks.

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