Binance[BNB] Prices Surges this Week and Supports ETH Constantinople

Binance the very well known cryptocurrency which is currently ranked number 14 in the market according to has broken the bears.

Its current ranking shows the potential to go up the ladder. At the time of writing it was trading at $6.01 recording a decline of 0.26% over the week. In the current week, it should show an upsurge from the very initial days.

The prices seem to be volatile over the week and are trying to maintain its support at $5.35. The stock is maintaining the territory here since 25th December.

If at all the above mentioned support breaks and the price trembles down, the stock may undergo a selling pressure.

Despite all the bears, Binance [BNB], according to the reports is said to enjoy a strong future.
Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao recently took to Twitter to share an end of year letter, sharing his thoughts on the developments in 2018 and what he foresees for the year 2019.

Binance has much planned for the coming year, in terms of upgrades, features and new development. There are also plans for global expansion, with Binance revealing that it will open up to 10 fiat exchanges across the world.

Ethereum’s highly anticipated Constantinople hard fork, which is scheduled for January 16, has been speculated to be one of the reasons for the currency’s price pump.

The most awaited hard fork has finally received a green signal. The Binance exchange asked ETH to allocate enough time for deposits to be processed in full before the mentioned block height is achieved.
In a Twitter post, Binance team officially announced this support one day ago saying,

Binance would like to confirm support for the upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork. Please leave sufficient time for deposits to be processed in full prior to the block height shown below. We will handle all technical requirements involved for all users holding Ether in their Binance accounts.
Hard Fork Block Height: 7,080,000
Estimated Time: Between 2019/01/14 and 2019/01/18
Should there be any other hard forks or airdrops during the Constantinople hard fork period, we invite these respective project teams to contact us at for further discussion.

With the upcoming Binance Blockchain Week in Singapore, BNB is striving to take a surge above the support level and simultaneously trying to connect with the community for growth and expansion this year.

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