Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Celebrates Success

The Bitcoin Cash Professional Stress Team held up a programme that saw 24 hours of sending loads of transactions, the consequences of it could be witnessed on November 1st, the last Thursday. The report termed as Taste Test Report declared that a group had built DoW, a transaction fan-out tool. DoW enlists seven matured nodes.

The node includes three renowned Bitcoin clients named Bitcoin Unlimited, ABC, and SV. The test was conducted at a full swing by implementing full node for the countries like the U.S., Finland, Belgium, and Hong Kong. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] was incorporated in the list of DoW’s UTXO management system immediately as the Stress Test began to take motion.  UTXO means the unspent output from bitcoin transactions. 

This helped to snap the transactions into several UTXOs which held an estimated value of 15,000 to 15,000,000 BTC.

A procedure which fans out transactions is known as the Walker process to which the UTXOs were put to exposure, which was followed by the snapping of the UTXOs into 20 to 2,900 new UTXOs. The walker processes are meant to wait for the fan-outs to validate on the BCH chain before it starts anew.

The group is however at the verge of finishing on the building up of an automated loader, so that manual labour is cut down upon. It is a bit “time-consuming” and a sufferance of a “delay in activation of all Walkers” is, thus, totally unavoidable for the time being. The walker failure had taken place several times in the past and the group remarks:

“Nodes running Bitcoin Unlimited did not experience failures of this kind, while the Bitcoin SV (which still has the delay in place) and Bitcoin ABC nodes all failed to various degrees.”

The stress tester group went on to opine:

“After the first 140,000 transactions were sent, the team spent some time making an analysis of what the issues were, and re-gathering UTXOs from failed walkers, and re-started the test.”

The test in concern was started at 12:00 UTC and the graph of Bitcoin Cash Network looked like this:

After the test was finally concluded, the developers were of the opinion that the test was the “most optimized in terms of success rate”, without encountering resilience of any kind. The BCH chain generated 733,782 transactions on the day of the test, that is on 1st of November, taking into consideration, the 24 hours reading.

The test which has been a success, another similar test programme is being rumoured to be staged on 17th November. The team largely hopes that it would see an expansion of the effect of the test and would be identified by many. The Stress Testers thus in a conclusion says:

“This rate will need to be sustained indefinitely 24 hours at least to achieve the goals laid out in the Professional Stress Test roadmap, and we look forward to delivering on this promise.”

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