Blockport exchange Enlists IOTA [MIOTA] priced at $0.473002

Blockport exchange Enlists IOTA [MIOTA] priced at $0.473002

Blockport is an artificial decentralised platform where traders of crypto assets can trade safely. It claims to “bridge the gap between the crypto economy and the traditional world of finance to shift towards a digital and decentralized society.

Blockport also has a digitalized token [BPT] which has a market capitalization worth $4,683,544 and is priced at $0.088584.

The Blockport platform had recently announced the inclusion of EOS just about a couple of weeks ago and it was only the start to their success. Blockport explains the benefits of listing EOS to their platform in the following words:

“This listing, which consists of a direct EOS/BTC trading pair, forms part of our recent integration with the Bitfinex exchange. This integration enables us to tap into the 90+ crypto tokens and coins on the Bitfinex platform, which we are able to list on our platform over the coming months.”

Next, Blockport had specifically targeted IOTA which had already been enlisted very recently. Blockport states:

“We’re happy to be listing IOTA on our platform. This means that all Blockport users will be able to buy and sell IOTA through our Euro gateway.”

The platform members confess that listing IOTA was a truly important event for them that would help them to give their users a larger access to the cryptocurrencies.

Being obliged by the enlisting of IOTA and hoping for a positive prospect, Blockport has decided to offer a discount of as much as 50% on trading fees, for Blockport users who hold more than 2.500 BPT. This luckily complies with their latest promotional programme of Zero Trading Fees until the 1st of January. This way, Blockport expects a good trade of IOTA and their listing does some good to the users.

IOTA is currently ranking at the 12th position in the crypto verse, comes with a unique distributed ledger system, called ‘The Tangle’. The purpose of IOTA is to detangle the entanglements of Blockchain Technology by ensuring a safe anchoring of the transactions. Moreover, IOTA has a unique perception about creating a whole new structure in which the data is subject to transparency.

Looking at the current performance of IOTA, we see that even though it clings on to the twelfth position, it is not getting enough attention from the crypto users as yet and all the columns are recorded in red currently on 4th of November 2018, at 10 AM.

The seven days performance of IOTA slowed down to a rate of 0.91%. The last 24 hours registers a decline of a lamenting 1.61%. The recent past one hour too could not make up for the loss and caused a fall down to 0.87%.

IOTA is priced at $0.473002 and its current circulating supply is 2.7 Billion tokens together resulting into a market capitalization of $1.3 Billion.

IOTA claims to have a cryptographically secure source of unified truth and states: “we envisage a grand technological Cambrian explosion of innovation to arise from it.” The current status of IOTA in terms of performance is, however, expected to be temporary and a grand upsurge is soon expected as it gains the support of the Blockport platform.

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