Cardano up for optimum growth with Project Shelly on its way

Cardano [ADA], the 11th ranked cryptocurrency in the market according to, is surging towards tremendous growth. As the market shifts aim for bears to bulls, Cardano decided to enlist its name too.

At the time of writing, the coin trades at $0.046886 and shows a green figure of 4.33%. The current market cap is read as $1.293 million.

The shows the monthly performance of ADA with a very convincing figure of 45.73% with respect to USD. This is a huge development since the market had been in the dumps for a long time.

A strong buy is suggested for ADAUSD according to the resources. With the current new projects coming up by Cardano the stock is doing as expected.
The high for ADAUSD is recorded at $0.05200 and low is recorded at $0.04900 over the day. The 7-day graph is the best example for its growth. It has a steep incline and is expected to surge even further.

The project Shelley which is to be introduced in recent times is named after the famous author Mary Shelley. Shelley promises to give Cardano an increased decentralization, 1,000 staking pools, and full autonomy. If realized, all of this would make Cardano’s system the most decentralized on the market. Hoskinson recently stated that Cardano would become around 100 to 50 more times decentralized than Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EOS.

In the recent tweets by Hokinson it is clear that there is still a lot to work upon. He says that there is more 50 pages math to do for Shelley to come in existence. He also mentions that he headed to Berlin for an internal workshop. At the workshop, it is expected to finalize the Cardano’s mechanics.

Furthermore, according to Coincodecap data, Cardano project has recorded the most number of commitments, beating major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The project features 45,758 commits on all of its repositories consisting of 16 different programming languages.

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