Recently ,  Law enforcement authorities from United States and several European countries took down a darkweb criminal store named xDedic . In addition, Three suspects have been arrested in Ukraine .

xDedic was an illegal online marketplace available on Darkweb .

xDedic offered buy , sell or rent out access to thousands of hacked servers . Moreover , This criminal store also offered cybercriminals to buy personal information of thousands of United States residents .

xDedic was an underground criminal store available on darkweb for years . Furthermore , xDedic’s administrators managed to keep its servers anonymous to keep the criminal business running .

This criminal store relied on tor network , In order to keep operators and the locations of its servers hidden from security professionals and law enforcement agencies. xDedic maintained anonymity of the buyers and sellers through Virtual cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

What did xDedic offered ?

xDedic offered a huge number of compromised servers from around the world based on price , operating system it is running on and its geographic location .

Furthermore , the compromised servers that xDedic offered were generally of federal government , hospitals , 911 , call centers , law firms , universities and emergency services .

Kaspersky Lab claimed that anybody can buy xDedic’s server located in European Union Country government network  for as little as 6$ . Furthermore , Kaspersky Lab also claimed a group of Russian-speaking hackers controlled xDedic’s infrastructure .

In addition, Europol and United Stated Department of justice tookdown xDedic on 24 january 2019 . However , They publicly announced the takedown on 28 january 2019 .

Authorities said that they’ve seized all the domains associated with xDedic’s infrastructure . Moreover , authorities have dismantled them . xDedic’s infrastructure was located in Belgium and Ukraine .

The criminal store will redirect the users those who want to access it to a page displaying the marketplace has been taken down .

Organizations should always test their digital security regularly , as any criminal organization may have compromised their systems . Furthermore , they may use it for criminal activities .

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