DASH to End the Year with a Boom

Like many other coins DASH had also its share of ups and downs, stability and turmoils. However, it decided to end the year 2018 with a boom and come out successful and ready to gear up for the year 2019. DASH is defined as a cryptocurrency analogue for electronic cash. Dash is expected to be as liquid and as fast as the online fiat money that is mostly used now. It is the decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash which would be built on Litecoin core, facilitating some significant features like PrivateSend and InstantSend. It is founded via its own network by mining and thus operates autonomously.

About a week ago, Antonio Sampayo, the CEO of KFC Venezuela had disagreed with the rumour that it will now accept DASH transactions from their customers. He agrees, however, with the fact that he had had a discussion session regarding it but it had not been finalized as of now. Processing payments with DASH, he says, “is not a fact, nor has the publication of any news about it been authorized.”

DASH Merchant of Venezuela had apologized on Twitter about the news saying:

“Unfortunately, the message released was premature and reflected our optimism instead of the current stage of our discussions with KFC Venezuela. We regret the error and would like to apologize to KFC Venezuela, their directors and the general public.”

Dash Merchant also informed that it is in a state of negotiation to test DASH payments in the Chacao Municipality of Caracas and the plan is still deprived of the approval of KFC Venezuela. Nevertheless, the CEO of Dash Core Group Ryan Taylor informed that Venezuela had become the second largest market for Dash, with almost one hundred merchants accepting the digital coin each week.

In December itself, the American fast food chain, Church’s Chicken had also started accepting payments in cryptocurrency Dash in Venezuela, reported by an official Facebook announcement on 12th of December. Dash News announced that the cryptocurrency is now accepted in all as many as 10 restaurants in Venezuela. Dash’s first transaction has already been completed at Church’s Chicken and had enthusiastically updated a video of the event on its official YouTube channel. Church’s Chicken thus poses to become the first global fast food chain to accept payments in Crypto.

DASH, in spite of the turmoil of the collapsed crypto world, had well picked itself up and is ready to rule. It had been trading at $823,851,891, priced at $96.67. The last week has proven to be one of the very successful phases for DASH, which is recorded in glaring green at the rate of as much as 51.60%. The past 24 hours and the recent one hour has also been scripted in green at the rate of 8.35% and 0.01% respectively. It is soaring high with a circulating supply of 8,522,457.

Reddit unveiled the news that Dash had launched AtomicPay For PrestaShop Module as Open Source on GitHub. Over 270,000 merchants can now accept DASH directly to their wallet without involving a third party processor. The link for it has been given below.


Even though a major storm had struck the entire crypto verse, DASH refused to give up. It decided rather keep on struggling to reach the shore and now it had been successful in earning some more loyal users. It is also expected by some of the experts that the year 2019 is a year for DASH when it would be more influential and would spread its wings further.

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