A decentralised simplified payment system known as DogePal which is built upon the Dogecoin blockchain, has enlisted a few new features to its platform.

The optimization of DOGE transactions are one of the main features of the updated version of DogePal. Customized invoices are now readily available to the DogePal users. It also aims at providing the users with all the information needed to complete their transactions as fast as within seconds.

The updated version of DogePal’s invoice toolkit permits the vendors to keep their identity hidden or exposed as chosen. The details regarding the transactions, email id of the users and the amount to be paid in terms of DOGE would be under the management of the users. A choice of saving of the created invoice as a soft copy or keeping it as a hard copy can be considered once it had become permanent. It is to be noted that DogePal invoices has an array of payment methods to choose from and is accessible to everyone, both to the users and the non-users.

Two methods of payments have been highlighted. The easiest one is that the buyers need to visit the company website and type in the unique 7-digit alphanumeric code that DogePal generate for each transaction. The second method is that they would be allowed to scan a QR code or simply follow a DogePal weblink which would eventually redirect them to a payment webpage.

The transactions made on the platform of the Dogecoin blockchain are processed in as low as 20 seconds. DogePal immediately informs about every detail about the successful completion of payments by sending them text messages. The customisation of different types of invoices are also allowed. As for instance, a coffee shop owner could choose to avoid congestion on the counters during peak hours by providing the customers with a print out of QR codes against each product so that the customers can pay their bills from their tables itself instead of waiting in queues. Another example might be of a freelancer who could create an invoice billing his employer, by adjusting the payment amount against the hours that had been dedicated to work.

Aims of DogePal:

  • DogePal hopes to bring in distributed ledger technology to the real life use applications. Their take on this is by introducing an amiable graphical user interface.
  • Enabling of daily micro-payments for the average users by eliminating all sorts of complications regarding blockchain transactions.
  • Letting the users preserve their rights for sovereignty over their property with the help of blockchain technology.

DOGE is currently trading at $279,962,139, ranked at position 24 by CoinMarketCap, priced at $0.002379 and a circulating supply of 117,681,723,620.

Experts predict that “the path towards mainstream adoption is not going to be easy, but the team is ready to embrace and resolve every scaling tissue they will face in the years to come.”

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