Eternal Token (XET) aims Eternity

As the lesser known tokens are coming into the forefront, we have another coin popping up in the headlines. Digital currencies like Eternal Token have been gaining the trusts of several users, especially from the ones whose trusts have been shaken from the major coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. Although all the coins are under the recovery period after the crypto market had undergone a major collapse during the latter half of the current year, the major coins are gaping for survival still.

Eternal Token (XET) is explained as a proxy token which is exchangeable with Eternal Coin (XEC) which is again said to be a centralised digital currency issued and overseen by the Japanese Atom Solutions at the ratio of 1:10. Eternal Token on conversion to Eternal Coin or XEC can be easily used for international transactions via exchange with the existing cryptocurrencies. Eternal Token was founded on June 12th, 2018 and enlisted by CoinMarketCap on 13th August.

It started its market, priced at about $0,072 per coin. It had quickly won the heart of the users and as a result, bagged a market cap of $41,326,969 at the end of September when the whole of the Crypto market was on the verge to slide down. At its 6th month, also marked as the ending of the year had shone the spotlight on Eternal Token. It had been able to mount the steep steps of the crypto verse and gather a giant profit of as much as 140.95% which had not been possible for any of the old and the major coins in this whole year. Currently, it had been priced at $0.679179 and has a handsome circulating supply of 67,930,001 in the market which makes up the market cap up to $46,136,639. For the last 24 hours, Eternal Token had been running with a green flag held high at the rate of 84.90%. The loss of 1.22% for the last hour is pardonable.

The whitepaper declares that the aim of Eternal Token is to provide cross-border payment solutions backed by a centralised company which would be in charge of building infrastructure for payment settlement purposes and virtual-to-fiat exchanges. But it’s excellence lies in going beyond what is expected. It is an integral part of Eternal Wallet which permits transactions via entering the phone number. The Eternal Wallet lets the users convert their local fiat currencies into the acceptable version used by the recipient through Eternal Coin.

It is rumoured that XET’s popularity has been possible as a result of signing an agreement with blockchain-based company Eternal Wallet PH Holdings, Inc, Philippines. The partnership agrees upon Eternal Token to possess a virtual currency exchange license in that country. This, the XETOfficialAdmin had announced it on Twitter, stating:

“…. We have officially formed a business tie-up with Eternal Wallet PH in the Philippines!

Business Partner Company Name: Eternal Wallet PH Holdings Inc.”

Those who are losing both interest and their precious trust upon the major digital currencies are in fact, buying them to invest in purchasing XET as Eternal Token is not directly purchasable with dollars. One who is interested in possession of XET is first buying Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) just to invest in Eternal Token using an exchange that has got US dollar trading pairs.

It is not known whether this is the fate of the major tokens which are being bought to be invested upon the lesser-known coins, but this phase in the Crypto market would be referred an uncountable number of times. Eternal Token is also the name which would be coming up in association with the reference. XET, the experts believe has a brighter prospect than what is expected of it.

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