Ethereum all ready for a huge setback?

ETH/USD has been on a road to setback from a very long period of decline in the recent times. But suddenly the crypto market is showing green figures of growth at the time of writing. Looks like the markets are finally responding.

Over the past 7 days the bulls have been surging towards the heights. No doubt the cryptocurrencies was showing a bottom line across the whole market. The prices of ETH has been falling throughout the year. It’s has seen the least of the price just on 7th December and is expected to surge back with same pace.

The prices have been declining for almost a long period now, over 95% from the peak bears have been recorded since Jan.

Ethereum is currently ranked 3rd in the crypto market according to coin market It is exchanging hands at $125.98 USD at the time of writing. Also with a green figure of 15.83% and still growing. Alongside, the Ethereum Foundation is surveying projects and dApps already using #Ethereum to solve real-world issues according to its recent tweet on 20th December.

ETH has already lost a chunk of its share in the market and now is the time to show a setback and get on the track. It is going to be a very tough task but looking at the current status, it is very clear that Ethereum is all ready for whatever it takes to come back.

Ethereum prices for last 7 days

The stock has a very sticky challenge at bulls $130 USD and then another one at $170 USD.
Other than the above-mentioned, it could be a very fast return for ETH/USD in firmly reclaiming the psychological $200 mark. Between September right up to November, the price was stuck within a very narrow range. This may prove to be the sticky challenge for the bulls, depending on momentum levels.

Alongside this, the price of $300 is also a noteworthy rise if at all the setback goes successfully. However, in this bearish trends the market is showing its resistance level and will be the new start for the bulls in the market.

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