Ethereum reason for Decline of almost 90% over the 9 months

Ethereum reason for Decline of almost 90% over the 9 months

Ethereum has been showing some decline i.e a bearish trend over the past period. It is no secret that the stocks are trending to declining in the coming period as well but there are different views over the same.

According to the market analysts, the stock of Ethereum is potential to be more than what it is expected by the market. The investors must consider its potential as the analysts feel that the prices would rise tremendously.

The prices of Ethereum have seen the highest at $1400 in Jan to the lowest in September at $180. This has been the decline of almost 90% over the period of 9 months. This is an extremely notable change.

The experts predict various reasons for the decline. One among them is the update that Ethereum is about to face which should solve the problems of scalability. The Constantinople update was postponed to October but later shifted directly to the next year. The delay has dealt a psychological blow to investors who have probably sold part of their holdings or hedged against further losses by buying BTC.

Another reason predicted for the decline is said to be the emergence of many competitive and capable currencies. They provide a better, easier, convenient and faster network in comparison with Ethereum.

The number of daily transactions of Tron Foundation has also surpassed ETH. Tron has been more developing and taking steps by launching great updates for its DApps. The Tron Virtual Machine has also proved to be great in terms of development and trading.

Anyway, the prices of ETH have seemingly been a lot discounted and hope to grab the opportunities as soon as they occur. This will great time to disclose and unleash their scheduled updates.

At the time of writing, the stocks trade at $205.09 with a green number of 0.69%. The current market cap is recorded at $21.094 billion along with the volume of $1.113 billion over the past 24h.

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