EU leaders To meet in Moscow

According to the draft European Council conclusions on the 18th of June ’19, the leaders of Europe are expected to take a decision to bring in a tougher ‘security culture’ so as to counter attack the various kinds of cyber threats.

Weeks after the news was out that a cyber security breach had occurred at the European Union delegation in Moscow, the draft says that the European Union bring in more cooperation with international actors and institutions and give a strong and coordinated response to cyber threats and cybercrimes. The draft backs the making of a new strategy to keep a check on cyberattacks and respond to it.

Earlier this month, news was out that the European Union was investigating an apparent hack in its IT networks in its delegation offices in Moscow, Russia. A European Union spokesperson said at that time that it had “observed potential signs of compromised systems connected to our unclassified network.” According to Buzzfeed News a leaked analysis of the cyber attack said that the restricted data was breached from at least two computers of its delegation offices.

In the conclusions of the draft, the European Union leaders said they needed to “better protect the EU’s information and communication networks, and its decision making processes, from malicious activities of all kinds.” The Leaders of the European Union are scheduled to meet in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday and Friday this week.

The Heads of state are expected to applaud a new instrument which will allow the Russian bloc to slap sanctions on cyber attackers and cyber threats, a tool which has been adopted by the European Union ccapitals in May this year.

The European Union leaders are also expected to most importantly prioritize strengthening the resilience of their democracies to disinformation which are related to elections. It was reported Friday last week that the European Union had identified groups in Russia waging disinformation campaigns to influence the recent European Parliament election and to polarize politics. Thus, this meeting of the European Union leaders will hopefully bring tougher security and counter attack from various kinds of cyber hacks and attacks.

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