Everipedia to Verify Sources through Blockchain-based Geospatial Software

Everipedia is a crypto-based information doorway which was branched from Wikipedia in the year 2017. Everipedia has now decided to make use of the solutions provided by the blockchain technology. The blockchain based solution will be given by XYO. XYO is a firm which focusses on bringing up new blockchain enabled geospatial software. Everipedia will be using the geospatial software to find whether the information on the online encyclopedia is authentic or not.

Everipedia has used an incentive system for those who create content on its decentralized platform. The system involves gratifying content publishers with an EOS token which has been named as the IQ cryptocurrency.

The co-founder and head of operations at XYO, Markus Levin told CCN,

“We enable users to prove their knowledge. Let’s say you’re writing about the Statue of Liberty and you’re in India. You’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty. Your knowledge is second-source. It has a different qualifier that if you’re a professor of history and you’ve been to the Statue of Liberty many times. You’re a primary source.”

Theodor Forselius, the co-founder of the Everipedia project said,

“Everipedia looked at the rest of the Internet. We realized that all other aspects of the internet like search engines, e-commerce, social networks, have evolved over the past two decades. There’s been a bunch of competition driving innovation forward.”

Currently, the website of Everipedia engages nearly 2 million visitors every month and over 1 million authentic and original articles are published. To publish every new article on Everipedia, the user has to pay a certain minimal fee in the native IQ cryptocurrency of the platform.

According to the founder of Everipedia, the structure of the encyclopedia has been created to not allow people to post poor content or spam.

While talking about how Everipedia will be aiming mass adoption, the founder of the platform said,

“The main issue with the blockchain space and the state of dApps right now is it’s too much about blockchain and crypto. The terminology and the marketing, front-facing stuff for the users. So I think what’s really going to take a project like Everipedia to the masses is focusing on being a better product. We want to attract users because we are superior to Wikipedia.”

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