Fusion Foundation releases a trial version of Payable Staged Network (PSN)

Fusion a blockchain-powered platform for the world of finance has announced a Payable Stage Network (PSN) which will released later in December 2018. Fusion has various service and solutions for finance. But, FUSION Foundation has announced a trial period for its Payable Stage Network (PSN) ahead of the official launch.

The aim of Fusion is to validate PSN to prove that their network can support transactions worth trillions of dollars daily. The PSN will use Fusion’s technology to create a global platform that will facilitate blockchain interoperability. The Payable Stage Network (PSN) will facilitate cross-border, cross-ledger, and cross-asset transactions.

The non-value P-FSN tokens inside PSN will ensure that the community is safe and secure . Fusion is going to do a token swap test before the launch to the mainnet. The crypto world is facing a global breakdown in valuation, thus this Fusion Foundation’s development is thus quite significant.

The PSN released a test-net before a few weeks before its launch and transfer to the main net later in December 2018. The trial period allows the early adopters have the first-hand experience on the technology’s ability to address and solve the problems of interoperability as it is designed to enable “cross-border, cross-ledger, and cross-asset transactions on a secure, globally accessible platform.”

The PSN tokens (P-FSN) would be used as gas to conduct these tests. Some of the testing scenarios include generating universal short account numbers (USAN), swapping, staking, time-locking, and transacting, among other things. The Fusion Foundation reported that further details on the FSN token payment system will be explained in a future Fusion article.

In order to participate in the PSN testing program, the post released by the officials stated that interested individuals must store their ERC-20 FSN tokens in a wallet whose private keys are secure with them.

Afterwards the Fusion will take a snapshot of the Ethereum blockchain at block height 6,868,000, which will serve as the genesis block for the PSN. So the FSN tokens must be in the user’s wallet at the moment Ethereum generates the said block number.

By using smart contracts, running nodes, and issuing new tokens, those who take part in the test can validate the reliability and efficiency of the Fusion’s Network and FSN tokens.

Fusion will be using detached control rights organization which will enable customers to view the number of different tokens on the platform, thereby making it possible to differentiate between proprietors and customers.

The platform will be representing a cross-chain, cross-affiliation, and cross-information source open chain that will bring the blockchain interoperability feature to a completely new level and makes it serviceable for money-related advancements that have not been possible so far. Furthermore the company stated that it will use the PSN test period to street test the platform’s potential for practical implementation.

The released blog post reports that the free trial will, “Identify bugs, explore potential security vulnerabilities, enable regression testing, and refine the user experience.”and also added “The rigorous quality assurance process must be performed on the PSN in order to determine when the Fusion MainNet goes live.”

FUSION will release more detailed information about the PSN programs in the next few weeks including the reward system, the bug bounty program besides the platform’s features and functionality.

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