General Motors (GM) files Patent to Manage Data from Autonomous Cars

The car manufacturing firm from the United States, General Motors (GM) has filed a blockchain patent regarding a solution so as to manage and control data from autonomous vehicles. The blockchain patent has been published by the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) of the United States on the 29th of November.

The blockchain patent application by GM which was first filed on the 25th of May last year, outlines an entire process for utilizing blockchain effectively to produce a secure and robust data distribution and an exchange platform between multiple autonomous vehicles and other firms like the public facilities, municipalities and regional authorities. Particularly autonomous vehicles need a high degree of integrity for a temporal event data. The blockchain patent application foccusses on the fact that the blockchain system is best suitable for non-autonomous vehicles and semi-autonomous vehicles as well. The patent proposes that, “A blockchain system can be used for information sharing in regard to a range of practical needs, resources, and legal records. These include route navigation, availability of charging and refuelling services, determining the validity of permits and licenses for vehicles operating as hacks, taxis, or other for-hire services, as well as maintaining balances for charges related to tolls, parking, car washes and access to other services based on fees.”

The blockchain patent application has advised that it would be best to create a blockchain exchange platform to allow only approved, vetted and location-based details to the users of an autonomous vehicle. The filing of the blockchain patent shows that wide range of applications of the blockchain technology can further extend to allow interaction with traffic management systems, highway and the occupants of autonomous cars, through a platform which consists of an online blockchain ledger for filling and distributing details from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). Another type of data for entry into the blockchain system would be the behaviour of occupants of autonomous vehicles, which may consist of an online blockchain ledger created for details regarding the driver’s behaviour, driver’s abilities to follow traffic rules and the vehicle actions.

Recently this year, General Motors had collaborated with BMW, Renault and Ford as new members of the ‘Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative’ (MOBI) which is a huge joint venture which consists of over thirty participants which include names like IOTA, Hyperledger, Bosch and IBM. 

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