Google expels 85 adware applications from the Play Store

Analysts have spotted adware concealed behind 85 Android applications including games, TV apps, and remote control apps which were available in Google Play Store. These 85 applications were downloaded more than 9 million times, out of which, a specific application named ‘Easy Universal TV Remote’ was downloaded more than five million times. After learning this, Google has expelled those 85 applications from the Google Play Store.

More details on the Adware

Scientists from Trend Micro recognized the dynamic adware family named as AndroidOS_HidenAd. Analysts expressed that this adware is able to show full-screen advertisements, checking a gadget’s screen unlocking functionality, and running in the mobile device’s background.

Scientists explored the 85 applications and found that all the applications displayed comparable behaviour and even shared a comparative code in spite of by being made by various application developers.

  • When an Adware application is introduced by a client, it at first pop-ups a full-screen advertisement.
  • When the client endeavors to close the first advertisement, CTA buttons, for example, such as ‘start’, ‘open app’, ‘next’, and a banner ad will show up on the mobile display screen.
  • After tapping the CTA button, another full-screen advertisement is displayed on the screen.
  • When the client exits the full-screen advertisement, more CTA button that give application related alternatives show up on the screen.
  • The application additionally encourages the client to give it a five-star rating on Google Play.
  • Afterward, the application educates the client that it is loading, however, following a couple of moments, the application would all of a sudden vanish concealing its application symbol.
  • In spite of the application being shrouded, it would keep on running out of sight, showing full-screen promotions each 15 or 30 minutes, until the client uninstalls the application.
  • The adware-contaminated 85 Android applications incorporates Easy Universal TV Remote, Offroad Extreme, Prado Parking Simulator 3D, TDT Espana, POLSKA TV, Extreme Trucks, Canais de TV da Brazil, Garage Door Remote, Racing Car 3D, Hearts Stickers, TV World Channel, and that’s just the beginning.

Trend Micro reported all these 85 applications to Google and Google promptly expelled these applications from the Google Play Store.

How to protect your Android phone?

Here are six simple tips that will help keep your Android gadget malware free.

  • Read app reviews

Before installing another application, read the reviews, both positive and negative. Notice if commentators remark on whether or not the app does what it says it will do. On the off chance that you see remarks like “this application doesn’t do what it guarantees” or “this application is stuffed with adware,” contemplate downloading: this could be an indication that something pernicious is related with it.

  • Check application permissions

Before you download the application, take a look at its application authorizations to check whether they bode well. Giving erroneous consents can send your sensitive information to cybercriminals. On the off chance that anything appears to be strange or beyond what seems appropriate, just say ”no”.

  • Check your security settings

Go to your Android gadget’s security settings and ensure that the “Unknown sources” field is unticked. (Settings>Security>Unknown sources.) Essentially, this forestalls introducing something besides applications from Google Play Store, including sites that take initiatives to deceive you with “drive-by download” assaults, consequently downloading a pernicious application when you visit the webpage on your phone.

  • Install app and Android updates

These updates habitually contain security fixes that ensure against newfound perilous endeavors and dangers. It is suggested that you consistently stay up with the latest and the most recent updates up your sleeves.

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