Groestlcoin (GRS) makes its mark in the Crypto Market

Groestlcoin is said to be the first blockchain pioneer by acquiring the activated SEGWIT back in January 2017. It is determined by its lightning fast network, zero fee transactions, a technology supporting instant payments, scalability and instant Atomic Swaps. Of late, Groestlcoin had announced the launch of their first Debit Card backed by Master Card. In fact, it is ruling the crypto market for the last last 4 days due to its recent activities. It is up by 126.15% since the last 24 hours and refuses to see a fall as yet.

11th of March was the day for Groestlcoin when they launched their new Debit Card which could be availed for the purposes of retail or online shopping that accepts Master Cards. It could be used as any normal Master Card without an essential con as yet which also means that ATM cash could be withdrawn with the same.

Groestlcoin tweeted thus,

“First Debit Card for Groestlcoin $GRS is here! And is backed by MasterCard®! …
» Use it in any retail/online shop that accepts MasterCard debit cards.
» Withdraw cash at any MasterCard-compatible ATM.

We want to thank @PolisPayApp for making this possible!”

The Debit Card is made available at PolisWallet. They announced at their official website that:

“The goal of the PolisPay debit card is to allow any user to spend Groestlcoin, Bitcoin, or other digital currency as easily as you would using fiat currency.”

They also uploaded a picture of the dummy Master card on Twitter which is given below:

The following specific services can be enjoyed by the holder of this Debit Card:

The holder can load Fiat currency by using his Polis Wallet and use it anywhere.
The holder can use it anywhere that approves Master Card as the mode of payment.
The holder of the card has the access towards the management of the same with only a swipe in the Polis Wallet.

Groestlecoin (GRS) has managed to hike up to more than 75% ever since their launch of the Debit Card. Currently ranked at 127 by CoinMarketCap, it has been faring well since the last week at the rate of 66.64% and is down by 19.46% since the last 24 hours at the time of writing. Groestlecoin is trading at $28,686,787, priced at $0.397795.

Groestlecoin was first launched back on March 24 in the year 2014, modelled as a PoW (Proof-of-work Coin) which was supposed to operate on its own algorithm, Groestle hashing.

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