ICON showcases Blockchain Apps with Seoul Government

ICON showcases Blockchain Apps with Seoul Government

ICON [ICX] has displayed three important components of its blockchain ecosystem for Seoul. ICON is 3rd generation blockchain protocol that supports interoperability with a high performance. ICON is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world. It connects reputable institutions in industries across the globe. ICON is backed by the largest fintech group in South Korea, Dayli Financial Group. It is also one of the largest in Asia.

For its initiative to connect South Korea and ecosystem of ICON, the project has displayed three key blockchain apps. According to the post released by the company, ICON showcased its Blockchain project for Seoul to the Government of Seoul. The demonstration of the project had been conducted at the Blockchain International Digital Festival.

The showcase consisted of the ICON Blockchain Identification Card, the ICON Blockchain Vote and the ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments. Using the ICON Blockchain Citizen ID Card users can get started with the digital registration. The user is required to fill basic personal information about himself and take a photo using webcam of the laptop.

Post this the ICON ID Card is transferred to the cell phone after the user captures a snap of the QR code. After creating the Blockchain ID card. Users are allowed to access the ICON voting system. The ICON voting system was designed in collaboration with the Korea National Information Society Agency and the Korean National Election Commission. ICON is a Blockchain technology consultant.

ICON looks forward to design the Next Generation Electoral System based on Intelligence Information Technology. Users that will make use of the ICON system for voting will receive a S-Coin as a reward. S-coin is a token pegged to the Korean national currency which is won at the rate of 1 to 1. ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments will make fiat-to-crypto exchange extremely fast and tax-free while shopping. Customers simply have to scan the product’s QR code. This will transmit all product details to the app. Automatic payment will be done after that.

ICON also launched its own mainnet in April this year and moved from the Ethereum network (ERC20) to its own Blockchain network. It was after this that ICON was selected by the Seoul government as an operator for the standard Blockchain platform for the ‘Seoul Blockchain demonstration project.’ ICON has also been discussing with the authorities the possibility of turning Jeju into a Blockchain hub of Korea.

This October, the Seoul mayor announced the government’s intention to invest $108 million into the development of the Korean capital into a Blockchain-powered smart city. The Mayor has also proposed the use of S-Coin in the Seoul Metropolitan Government. ICON has also founded DeBlock. It is the blockchain VC firm and Accelerator that has pledged to invest in more than 300 projects in the upcoming years.

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