Instagram Data breach: Users' passwords were exposed due to a security bug

Instagram Data breach: Users’ passwords were exposed due to a security bug

On the 19th of November, a security bug was reported by Instagram, stating that the passwords of its users has been leaked. Instagram notified to the affected users who were linked to this expose, this security bug was linked to the data download feature.

Facebook faces another security threat after a hacker had gained access to over 50 million Facebook accounts and that another 40 million users could have been affected. The hackers targeted Facebook’s ‘View As’ feature to gain that data.

Now Facebook-owned Instagram is also facing a security breach, the bug affected those users who accessed Instagram’s ‘Download Your Data’ feature which was released in April.

This feature was implemented in April after European lawmakers rolled out its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The feature works when the user is planning to leave the platform and wants a copy of the data that they have shared. Instagram stated that some users who used that feature had their passwords included in a URL in their web browser, and that the passwords were stored on Facebook’s servers, Instagram’s parent company.

Instagram allows users to login to their accounts with the help of their Facebook profile. Instagram reported to The Information that the security bug was “discovered internally and affected a very small number of people”.

If the users who accessed Instagram’s ‘Download Your Data’ feature on public computers with shared network could have exposed it majorly giving hackers access to their profile.

Instagram reported that it has fixed the bug after it was spotted, and it has also advised to its affected users to clear their browser history to prevent others from seeing the URL with their password. The company also stated that the passwords stored on Facebook s servers have also been deleted after the bug was caught by the developers.

If you haven’t received any notification by Instagram about this security bug then your password wasn’t exposed. Just for safety purposes it is advised that all Instagram users change their passwords and also opt for two-factor authentication for stronger security.

According to a facebook spokesperson for the company told that the issue was “discovered internally and affected a very small number of people.” 

Even though Facebook dealt with a data breach recently and had exposed many users to vulnerable hacks. Cybersecurity is a concern nowadays as hacks and data breaches have prominently increased. The Facebook is probably working and fixing the breach.

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