Couldn’t load image. Tap to retry. Instagram Facebook, and WhatsApp all experiencing global media outage

Similarly, Instagram is also facing problems loading an image and shows an error: “Couldn’t load image. Tap to retry.” Even after multiple tries, the image doesn’t seem to load.

It appears that any picture or video on Facebook from over four hours back won’t show. Some end up appearing in the wake of tapping on them, however that doesn’t appear to be valid for all. The equivalent time period is influencing Instagram posts and stories, with pictures declining to stack past a foggy see or just perusing, “Couldn’t load picture. Tap to retry.” WhatsApp clients are likewise encountering the equivalent foggy sneak peeks, with media substance and voice notes unfit to download. Facebook Messenger is likewise influenced for a few.

Facebook’s designer site demonstrates that the issue is being chipped away at starting at five hours back and says that a fix “will go out in a matter of seconds.” Those devs would be wise to hustle; with individuals around the world influenced, there must be a huge number of images (and possibly some progressively significant photographs) that individuals can’t see.

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