Internet of Toys and Security to go hand-in-hand : Cybersecurity

Internet of Toys and Security to go hand-in-hand : Cybersecurity

The ever growing technology and its uses have been ruling the world with its charisma. But it can also have an adverse effect. This effect can run through various things in your day-to-day life. The experts have drawn our attention to the baby toys and the monitors used for them.

These monitors and toys which are connected to the internet are under potential attack by the hackers. These devices in technical terms can be listed under the make-up term called as Internet of Things. These devices are connected to each other and gather information in the surroundings.

Due to the increasing risks of hacking, the National Cyber Security Standard (NCSS) has released new guidelines for such manufacturing to ensure security for the British families.

A spokesperson said:

“Poorly secured devices can threaten individuals’ privacy, compromise their network security, their personal safety and could be exploited as part of large-scale cyberattacks,”

He adds

“Recent high-profile breaches putting people’s data and security at risk include attacks on smart watches, CCTV cameras and children’s toys.”

Parents will be shocked to know that this hacked information can be used in many ways for marketing or product placement. Parents really don’t know whether the information of their child is safe or not. This is because the privacy regulations vary from country to country and it is difficult to know as well.

There will be around 420 million internet-connected devices in and across the UK in the next 3 years. Hence it is advisory and necessary to regulate the security framework for such devices.

The NCSS spokesperson also says that they have been trying hard to convey the need for security in the community of market and promote it as much as possible. He says:

“What we want to do is encourage companies to manage their products, keep them updated and be honest about how long they’re supported for. And to encourage retailers to consider security when they figure out what to stock. That will over time make it much easier for consumers to buy the right things.”

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