Recently, United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) revealed massive data breach in october . In addition , This data breach may have leaked personal information of some of its current and former employees after some of its servers got hacked.

Internal memo sent to all employees by NASA

Some unknown hackers managed to gain access to one of its servers storing the personally identifiable information (PII), including social security numbers, of current and former employees.

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NASA discovered the data breach on October 23 . NASA’s cyber division began investigating something suspicious . In conclusion , NASA’s Cyber division reported breach of two of its servers holding employee records .

After discovery of this data breach , NASA has since secured its servers . In addition They have also informed that the agency is working with its federal cybersecurity partners “to examine the servers to determine the scope of the potential data exfiltration and identify potentially affected individuals.“

NASA stated

In Conclusion , this process will take time . However , this data breach has not jeopardized any space missions .

all the affected employees would be notified once identified, and offered identity theft protection services and related resources to all affected employees, past and present.

According to the agency , any employee who joined , left , or transferred within the agency from july 2006 to October 2018 may have had their data compromised .

Bob Gibbs, assistant administrator at NASA’s Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer stated

Our entire leadership team takes the protection of personal information very seriously. Information security remains a top priority for NASA .

“NASA is continuing its efforts to secure all servers, and is reviewing its processes and procedures to ensure that the latest security practices are being followed throughout the agency.”

In addition , NASA has dealt with Server hacks in past . NASA suffered a massive data breach , when a hacking group released 276GB of sensitive data . This data included flight logs and credentials of thousands of its employees . At the time of that breach , Hackers even attempted to crash a $222 million drone into the Pacific Ocean by gaining control over the drone by rerouting its flight path .

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