Second annual DevCon to be released by the Chinese crypto asset in Seattle. The launch program is to be held in the month of February 2019. Da Hongfei, founder of NEO did not yet confirm about the members who would be attending the event but he stated that several “tech-savvy” representatives would be invited for a speaking session. Seattle being the tech-oriented ecosystem and the grazing ground for the blockchain developers, is the best place for the event, puts forward Hongfei.

The very first DevCon was launched in San Francisco this year. Near about 700 developers had attended it. To support the potentiality of NEO, many of them even came from Europe and they are of the opinion that NEO has the capability to become a serious competitor soon enough. The second DevCon may be the proof of such a hope.

Hongfei stated the following about DevCon:

“This was just a project developed by Chinese developers, so we are really pleased to see people get involved from all over the world. As usual, diversity always rewards, and we had many interesting discussions and many novel ideas that were brought up”.

The developers may be categorised into three kinds, the attention of which the second DevCon would be seeking, says Hongfei. DevCon would be aiming to involve itself with all the three which includes lower level core blockchain developers, the decentralised applications (dApps) like games which has blockchain technology as their base. Finally, DevCon would also be alluring developers who are seeking to “pioneer blockchain transformation” and have their own blockchain firms.

2019 indeed seems to be a year of focus for DevCon along with a special attention to the future regulation, adds Hongfei. He again informs the press:

“Besides tech-oriented developers, we have also invited people from the government [Washington from their ICT section], plus people familiar with a regulatory framework for DLT to exist in. Technology subjects will be most of the focus, but we also have compliance, regulation and government adoption topics as well.”

Zero-knowledge proof protocols, cross-chain protocols, quantam-safe cryptography and distributed storage are to be covered by DevCon among the standard regulatory subjects. Hongfei is of the opinion that there exists uncountable “pain points” still unveiled within blockchain which needs to be repaired as soon as possible to avail technological advances.

Hongfei suggests that one must not be bothered about the prices of the digital currencies. He rather believes in weighing the market health with the positive reviews and emotions of the users.

“I do not check the price very often, maybe every few weeks, unless there are big movements in the market. At NEO, we are focused on the technology itself, as well as the ecosystem. I think the market always reflects people’s emotions, so I don’t think [price] is a good index for the future health of the industry.”

Neo is currently trading at $460,912,163, priced at $7.09 at the time of writing. It had been successfully trading at a profit of 24.61% as per the weekly reading.

Inspite if the bearish market a day before, it had been standing strong enough to give a tough competition in the crypto verse.

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