New WhatsApp bug responsible for mysteriously deleting users’ chats

There is a WhatsApp bug which is in charge of erasing chats with no notice. The WhatsApp bug was discovered when various clients reported having their old chats being deleted abruptly without any client input.

The social messaging application is owned by Facebook and as indicated by an ongoing on the web report, is a standout amongst the most utilized applications in the Indian subcontinent.

WhatsApp is considered very safe with regards to privacy and it executes end-to-end encryption on each message which is sent from the platform. This time, however, there is another bug which has been strangely erasing WhatsApp messages from chats and there have been rampant reports of clients finding their WhatsApp chats being erased without any warning, befuddling them.

Clients have reportedly taken to Twitter to post their concerns and have additionally mentioned that their messages in their old WhatsApp chats have been erased in a sequential manner, beginning with the eldest chat thread.

The new WhatsApp bug made the ground a year ago. WhatsApp contacted Times Now with this announcement,

“We are aware of this bug and are working on a fix for the users who have encountered this issue.” – WhatsApp representative.

One WhatsApp client named Bharat Mehra took to Twitter to voice his worries expressing that his WhatsApp messages were getting erased bafflingly. Bharat likewise expressed that he has been utilizing a Moto G4 Plus smartphone.

Why WhatsApp chats are getting deleted?

One reason why chats are getting erased could be that WhatsApp had announced a partnership with Google wherein all backups will be automatically saved on Google Drive. The process of backing up information will be the same, however, the information won’t occupy the 15GB data that Google gives to its clients.

WhatsApp had expressed then that the backups which were not updated since a year ago will be erased automatically from Google Drive. So this could be one of the real reasons concerning why WhatsApp chats are getting erased with no info or warning.

We would prescribe readers to back up their WhatsApp data on Google Drive. For making a backup, explore to the Menu option> Settings>Chats>Chat backup>Back up to Google Drive. Then select a backup frequency and a Google account in which you need your WhatsApp chats history backup as well as the media backup.

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