Open Health Network uses AI and Blockchain for Consolidation of Data : PatientSphere

Open Health Network uses AI and Blockchain for Consolidation of Data: PatientSphere

Blockchain is proving to be a blockbuster in almost every sector. The Open Health Network has now integrated the blockchain and smart contracts for its sector. The application made for this is the ‘PatientSphere’. It based on the blockchain data based sharing platform.

Artificial Intelligence has also been proven to detect few major cancers in the human body. With the help of AI, recently Google has detected metastatic breast care with an accuracy of 99%.

This platform developed by Open Heath Network will help manage and monetize an individual’s health information. It uses AI and Big Data Analytics as the core for their platform and access to a huge chunk of data.

This platform will ensure the user to have developed mobile applications along with chatbots for patients, also healthcare providers.

PatientSphere has officially been available for the patients in various aspects. It helps democratize health through the blockchain platform, along with traceability of the use of that information provided by the patients. It also provides revocable consent on granular patient data. There is also a Consolidated health data dashboard.

The official site for Open Health Network, tells us about this blockchain based application by saying:

“Health systems can use PatientSphere to design patient experiences aimed at helping patients adhere to courses of treatment, learn about their health, track medications or give consent for certain information to be shared among providers.

Health insurers can use the platform to incentivize healthy behaviors among their members, and researchers and pharmaceutical companies can create modules aimed at finding participants in clinical trials and increase adherence and retention rates.”

Tatyana Kanzaveli, CEO of Open Health Network tells us his inspiration behind the PatientSphere is the need to consolidate the health information that works in isolation which will help improve care facility. She herself is a cancer survivor and knows it better.

She added:
“It’s extremely exciting that patients can now have visibility into all of their health care data and the ability to not only share it on their own terms but also get paid for it,”

The firm has also complied with the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), a US legislation that provides data privacy.
The use of blockchain is still increasing with the days and yet a lot is yet to come.

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