PewDiePie printer hack wave 2 : Affects 100,000 printers this time

Printers around the globe have been reportedly traded off again to urge individuals to subscribe to PewDiePie, a popular YouTuber – and also feature an enormous security issue.

The second assault, believed to be crafted by the same person who took control of roughly 50,000 printers in November, told the BBC that this campaign has multiplied its range and up to 100,000 machines have been influenced this time.

Based on their tweets, one of the programmers who has assumed liability for the assault, @HackerGiraffe, will be taking a college test while workers will fire up their computers on Tuesday morning to conceivably discover the printouts.

As shown below, a few clients have already shared pictures via social media of the new printouts, of which traded off printers have been compelled to produce. Clients in the UK, US, Spain, Australia, and other nations are believed to be influenced.

The flyer reads, “PewDiePie is in trouble and he needs your help to defeat T-Series!.” This alludes to a progressing battle between the YouTuber – also known as Felix Kjellberg – and T-Series, one of India’s biggest music labels.

The competition, figuratively speaking, has gotten steam as of late, with organizations becoming involved, other YouTubers offering shout-outs, and fans plastering ‘subscribe to PewDiePie’ all over the Internet in everything from forums to online gaming sessions.

The subscription push is likewise identified with YouTube’s 2018 highlights “Rewind” video, in which PewDiePie was precluded, inciting the YouTuber’s fanbase.

The Swedish YouTuber has been involved in controversies since 2017 with the utilization of racial slurs in his videos, and apparently promoting a channel with anti-semitic content.

PewDiePie accounts for 77 million subscribers at the time of writing this, in correlation, T-Series has a little more than 75 million and counting.

The printer messages have been encouraging clients to subscribe to the YouTuber. In a video talking about the ‘Subscribe to PewDiePie’ meme war, the YouTuber said: “As much as I’m absolutely humbled and so happy about all the support, I do feel really weird about it.”

In particular, the flyers additionally read, “Seriously. Fix your printer. It can be abused!” Speaking to the BBC, the hacker said that his activities depended on an endeavor to feature the “genuine results” of such far reaching assaults and the danger of leaving devices open and accessible.

If conducted for progressively noxious reasons, the printers could be compelled to re-write data in continuous loops – prompting the possible destruction of the machine – and in addition capture sensitive documents and manipulate jobs sent to the printer.

In light of these potential use cases, the expense of the print and inconvenience it might cause appears to be insignificant in correlation.

The programmer said that in the first wave, he chose the initial 50,000 printers found exposed and open on the Internet via the Internet of Things (IoT) search engine Shodan. However, there were roughly 800,000 printers ripe for exploit.

“Now I had to think…What to print?,” HackerGiraffe added. “It didn’t take me long to realize that the most perfect thing to print would be a message supporting our dear overlord @pewdiepie himself!”

The programmer then created a basic Bash script and aided along by the open-source printer penetration testing kit PRET, set to work.

While some joked about sending PewDiePie the bill for ink and paper, the circumstance isn’t at all amusing. The assault was basic, automated, and may have possessed the capacity to compromise a huge range of machines.

On the off chance that the programmer had malignant aims, the issue could have been increasingly serious – but conveyed as a warning, maybe more printer proprietors will sit up and take note.

So as to prevent printers getting compromised, their firmware should be up-to-date and security patches must be installed. Antiquated, old models without present day security updates ought to be taken offline.

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