Ripple close competition with Ethereum, XRP to eventually grow larger than ETH

Ripple in close competition with Ethereum, XRP to eventually grow larger than ETH

XRP is ranked number 3 on the coinmarketcap followed by Bitcoin [BTC] on the top and Ethereum [ETH] in the second position. According to the latest reading of the coinmarketcap by our technical advisors, the market capitalization of XRP will be soon overtaking Ethereum [ETH].

According to the coinmarketcap reading, the XRP is currently trading at a rate of $0520 which is the highest trading price in the last 30 days period. The prices of XRP had peaked till $0.61 on 30th October after which it started falling down to a low of $0.37 on the 12th of October. Ever since the prices have been climbing up.

In the last last 7 days, the prices of XRP have significantly increased by 17.88% which is recorded the highest in the top 10 cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap. The same positive growth is being witnessed in the last 24 hours as the prices were still increasing by 12.8%. This was a surpising hike and has got the interest of Ripple HOLDers and investors as the prices are still increasing. Even in the last 1-hour marker, the prices show an average hike of 2.5%.

This has evidently affected the market capitalization of XRP which results to $20.9 Billion. ETH, on the other hand, has a market capitalization of $21.6 Billion. XRP has a circulating supply volume of 40 Billion tokens. This very well depicts that XRP will be soon positioned number 2 crossing the ETH market.

Aditya a technical analyst at Hacker Post says: 

“The XRP is trading at a price of $0520 with a current buy rate of 201 and a sell rate of 198. The Stochastic RSI has proved to be fluctuating quicker than ever before. Even though the moving average indicates it below the average trade rate comparing it to the previous years. Still, the growth is positive, seems like a really good time to invest.”

The bellow is the graph from trading view depicting the real-time trades at the time of writing.

According to Aditya the Parabolic SAR, an indicator on the Trading View has depicted a short time momentum in the last 24 hour period and this basically will impact the future of the trading stocks of XRP. Parabolic SAR is generally used by market advisors to determine a potential reversal in the market price, but as observed in the below graph the direction is trading towards a positive trade.

Disclaimer: All the price predictions are based upon the real-time reading of the tradingview graphs. Cryptocurrencies are assets which have a high instability rate, thus the prices can rise and fall at any moment. We at Hackerpost are not responsible in any sort.

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