Samourai Wallet Awares the Users of ‘Dusting Attacks'

Samourai Wallet spreads awareness to its Users of ‘Dusting Attacks’

On 25th October 2018, the twitter handle for Samourai wallet warned the users about the spam or also called as ‘dusting attack’. Dusting attack is an attack made to link the user’s address by looking at the movement of cryptocurrency over the blockchain and then de-anonymize the users.

The Samourai Wallet ensures to take care of the risk by mitigating the user to not use the funds received by anonymous transfer to their wallet. Also, they have added measures by making changes in their wallet. This was noted to the user through the twitter handle:

The Twitter report has proved to be useful to the users due to its timeliness.

The wallet has added an option “Not-to-spend”, thus keeping control over that fund and preventing the ‘dusting attack’. This depicts the wallet to be very aware of their authenticity and security.

With the increasing trend of cryptocurrency, the privacy attackers are also increasing. Thus it shows a direct relation.

Samourai wallet is a bitcoin wallet which provides transactional privacy, high security, and advanced speed. They provide with high-end privacy.

In the recent times, around September the firm had decided to disable fiat conversions. The securities have enhanced all over the world regarding online purchases and sales. Similar violation of security has been attempted in case of Google and Mastercard partnering, closing the consumer data loop between online and offline purchases.

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