South America bucks up in the Crypto and Blockchain field

The Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) has recently announced the launch of its second edition of the Laboratory of Financial Technological Innovations [LIFT]. This initiative seems like it will be accelerating the development of technological innovation in the financial sector of the nation. Local authorities will be picking proposals for the innovations with the helping hand which will be provided by the Central Bank of Brazil and will thereby collaborate with technology firms to design solutions and prototypes for the financial sector. This initiative will also be addressing some priority actions whose basic aim is to increase banking efficiency, enhance financial inclusion, lower credit and modernize the financial system.

CoinBene in Brazil has clarified that there was no attack on their platform on the 26th of March this year. The confusion came up after the exchange suspended their operations for a short while without a prior notice. Later, the firm informed that it was a failure of communication with its users.

Initially, the firm announced through its Twitter handle that it was going through maintenance and said,

“In order to improve our users’ experience, CoinBene is updating its wallet platform on the 26th of March. During maintenance, portfolio-related operations will be affected, as will deposits and withdrawals. Trading will not be affected.”

Top notch blockchain education institutions in Brazil, The Mosaic University and Blockchain Academy, have announced that they are bringing up their own Blockchain Business course. The course will be explaining the picture of blockchain in Brazil and will go into detail about concepts such as smart contracts, trade-offs and self-executing computer protocols for the blockchain industry. This course will be completely online with a workload of 42 hours and most importantly this does not require any prior blockchain knowledge.

The government of Argentina has made it crystal clear that it wants to overtake Brazil and become a leader of the blockchain in Latin America. For example, the government conducted a meeting with the representatives of the scientific sector, private sector and the academic community to discuss the guidelines for the National Artificial Intelligence Plan of 2020-2030.

The basic motive of the meeting was “to define a plan throughout 2019 and insert it into the government’s Digital Agenda to develop a digital intelligence lab.”

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