Stratis (STRAT) Steals the Show

Stratis is a development platform for enterprise businesses to establish their own blockchain. This helps in detangling the developmental processes that must be carried out. Team Stratis is also an expert consulting service and hosting dApps. It is a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform for the development of blockchain-based applications that is said to operate through the cloud which discards the need to maintain to a full client for a target blockchain. Each blockchain that is created is a private sidechain of the main blockchain. This altogether eliminates the need for changing the main Stratis blockchain without having to halt the private blockchain. Stratis now ranks 37 in the crypto verse.

Stratis took one of the most important steps in its lifetime recently. On October 24th this year, Stratis Group Ltd. had been certified as the Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The Stratis team has their application available on the Azure Marketplace (Microsoft’s cloud marketplace) which also includes their ICO platform and the Stratis C# Full Node.

Stratis also entered a major partnership with UK Meds, the fastest growing online pharmacy, back in August. Stratis’ blockchain solution would be needed to prevent the patients from making multiple orders of potentially harmful drugs from different online pharmacies. The partnership can handle the threats to the patient safety by involving the latest technology available with Stratis in association with the shared Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) led by UK Meds.

CEO of Stratis, Chris Trew stated:

“This is a great example of blockchain being deployed where it’s unique qualities will make a real difference. The days of filling out multiple online forms, from different pharmacies to obtain unsafe levels of medication are over. With blockchain, the industry can cooperate on the critical issue of patient safety using a shared version of the truth.”

Stratis technology is also useful in improving UK Med’s own supply-chain by deploying Stratis’ Smart Contracts in C#. This will lead to the ensuring of each shipment of medication logged on the blockchain when manufactured including it’s a journey to the pharmacy.

Stratis is currently trading at $138,674,998, priced at $1.40 and a circulating supply of 99,146,032 at the time of writing. It’s been trading in green at a praising 67.68%. Even though it is recording a loss of 13.72% if observed by the last 24 hours scale, it had also been struggling hard to cope up with it by registering a profit of 2.54% for the recent past hour.

At a time when the entire crypto verse is trying to come back to steal the crypto show after a massive crypto market collapse, the technologically advanced blockchain platforms like Stratis is what steals the show. The users’ trust which has been broken with the major blockchain platforms have come and sought shelter with brilliant platforms like Stratis. It is exceptionally making a fast move towards its major success with more and more users daily. It had been trading with a flaunting 98% (approximately) as per the weekly reading a few hours ago.

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