Swiss Crypto Industry Leader: Stablecoins and Security Tokens To Be The Next Wave In Crypto Innovation

During the Crypto Finance Conference which was held in St. Moritz, Switzerland on the 16th of January ‘18, Luzius Meisser the co-founder and board member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland, talked on what he believes will be leading to the creation of a new wave of crypto innovation.

Meisser said,

“Initial coin offerings (ICOs) led to the last wave of crypto innovation, the next wave will be led by stablecoins and security tokens.”

Expressing more about the issue, Meisser said that he expects that the ICO sector will be undergoing a significant change in the medium-term future. Meisser has predicted that the upcoming wave of ICOs will become much more heavily controlled so as to protect the investors from frauds. He has also predicted that security tokens will be bringing in heavy regulations during the upcoming wave of ICO’s.

Talking more about the issue, Meisser said,

“Stablecoins are a precondition to enable average companies to bring their equity onto the blockchain, because if they issue bonds or shares they want to do so against U.S. dollars, euros or Swiss francs because those are the currencies they calculate in, not Bitcoin [BTC] or Ethereum [ETH].”

Meisser is not the lone person with the prediction of what will be leading to the next wave in the crypto innovation sector. Meisser’s views have been shared by Bitcoin bulls and Gemini crypto exchange founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The twins think that the tokenization of stablecoins and assets pegged to fiat currency are extremely promising and effective developments in the crypto asset sector.

In an interview with, the twins said,

“The ICO mania of 2017 — we view that as the of the securities token world. They were unregistered and it was crazy town for about six months there. I think the next wave will see the real innovation and the really interesting assets that become tokenized — like real estates, like buildings that are currently not traded in a really liquid fashion. So that’s exciting.”

Both Meisser and the Winklevoss twins have been important leaders in the crypto asset space. Tokenized stablecoins and security tokens can prove to be the next wave in the crypto innovation sector. As to when this will be happening, no dates have been announced as of yet. There has been much speculation about us getting to witness many innovations in this year. There has already been a wave of stablecoins which have impressed the market with the increasing likes of Circle’s [USDC], Gemini’s [GUSD], Paxos (PAX), and TrustToken’s [TUSD].

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