Stratis (STRAT) had been prophesied to be the most promising projects in the ecosystem. It was first sold as part of an ICO, conducted in June 2016. The price of STRAT had risen up to $11.76 from its initial price, $0.007 since then. Even after that, it sloped down sharply in terms of Bitcoin, recorded a year after, that is, in June 2017. Soon after that it managed to escape the threshold of 0.004 Bitcoin.

Stratis is available on the South Korean site Upbit, Bittrex, Binance and Poloniex. It rose to its highest in the year 2018 when most of the cryptocurrencies were trending unusually low. Stratis sought it to be the best time to rise above not only its own usual trend, but soar even higher to make its way to the headlines. On Wednesday, 27th of December STRAT released the first Turing-complete smart contracts to execute. Smart contracts would allow for the development of sophisticated applications based on blockchain technology. They are said to be based upon a blockchain and are fuelled by the coin of the underlying blockchain which exists in the form popularly known as ‘gas’.

C#, a Turing-complete language is being offered by STRAT now. Turing-complete facilitates the development of most non-trivial programs compared to smart contracts built with non-Turing-complete languages which are bound with strict limitations in terms of functionality. The other smart contracts offerings are easily accessible through Stratis’ Smart Contracts platform.

Stratis had constrained the C# code at the virtual machine level to reach their goals of providing Turing-complete smart contracts. This step was significant so as to endow the users of the Stratis platform the full extent of functionality that they had thought of. Stratis included smart contracts in its platform to serve the interests in the technology of the business sectors and the blockchain developers.

The .NET framework has ideally settled the Stratis platform within the Microsoft tech stack. Stratis, therefore, poses to become the first cryptocurrency to execute .NET code on the Common Language Runtime which is .NET’s virtual machine. On the other hand, the other cryptocurrencies which have to offer coding-level support for #C smart contracts must compile #C syntax to a custom virtual machine. The execution of .NET code on-chain permits STRAT to allow developers to leverage the full #C / .NET ecosystem.

Stratis (STRAT) is currently trading at $128,110,465, priced at $1.29 and a circulating supply of $99,150,539 at the time of writing. It is positioned at rank 40 by CoinMarketCap.

The C# code is expected to behave in the same way that it would for the I
other mobile C# application. With sidechain as its core component, it has enough confidence to leverage the innumerable tools built specifically for the C# / .NET ecosystem. Moreover, Stratis sidechains are highly customizable which prompts to allow both companies and individuals to create bespoke blockchains furnished to suit specific applications.

More customizable features such as block time and block size are included along with the variety of consensus algorithms (Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Proof of Authority) and they would co-exist with harmony. As for instance, a sidechain would be borne with high block size and short block interval which would result into a high maximum throughput. The Stratis mainchain would, however, sanction independence to the sidechain while still benefiting from the Stratis keeping the codebase intact.

Stratis is thinking of some of the unusual steps which have probably not been thought of by many of the major cryptocurrencies. The prospect of STRAT is thought to be in safe hands at least for the next ten years.

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