TRON CEO Justin Sun and Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin turns against each other

TRON took to surprise folks with its unending surge even when the whole of the crypto market went bearish. In fact, TRON seemed to bag more than as much as 20% of growth since the last week as an average estimate. As a constant reviewer of Twitter, Justin Sun also took to inform about how TRX is mounting the ladder of success at this occasion too. However, this time he seemed to fall victim to his own comments.

Sun indulged himself in mockery while commenting about the poor performance of Ethereum during this particular phase, keeping TRON at a sharp contrast against it. He dared to go to the extent of reconstructing a meme that definitely mocks Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of ETH. Sun’s disrespectful comments also went viral in the past. The irony, however, lies in the fact that Ethereum is the platform where TRON dAPP creation originally took place.
Some Twitteratis also said that TRX is actually down by 88% from its all-time high.

Sun also shared the meme on the Chinese microblogging site called Weibo, with a comment that goes:

“It’s true that Tron is on the rise, and Ethereum is going downhill.”

A copy of the shared meme is here as follows:

It is common for the crypto market members to give each other tough competition. But, this kind of behaviour was an unacceptable phenomenon. The heated up Twitter battle between Sun and Buterin is said to be going on for quite some time now. China’s crypto community has been seen to react sceptically about TRON and some even refer to it as a pyramid scam and accuses it of illegal market manipulation. This is, however, yet to be proven.

TRON is trading at $1,568,432,571, priced at $0.023533 and a circulating supply of 66,647,157,722. As mentioned about, unlike most of the cryptocurrencies, it is trading in green at a profit of 4.58% as per the weekly reading.

Nevertheless, TRON had decided to comply with the rules of the crypto verse and would try to keep out from offending anyone in the future. TRON also hired a former US SEC supervisory attorney, David Labhart, who took up the role of TRON’s chief compliance officer. On the other hand, an argument wanting to prove China’s crypto community wrong, also came up side by side, bringing in TRON’s past achievements as evidence to prove it.

Now is the time to see how much TRON gets affected by these recent controversies which are expected to follow up with more questions regarding its reliability. Also, that TRON has been continuing to do good may also indicate at the fact that it had been able to earn some loyal customers, enough to glorify TRON once more.

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