Tron Doing Exceptionally well Than Other coins as it Partners with ABCC Exchange

The market looks in the bullish trend and so are few top coins including Tron[TRX]. Along with Tron, the few top currencies gaining a acceptable growth are Bitcoin[BTC], Ethereum[ETH] and Ripple[XRP].

The coins have shown a growth of almost 5-15%. The market sentiments seem a little more promising this week.

At the time of writing TRX was exchanging hands at $0.024647 and the decline of 1.51% according to In the recent times when the market was bearish, Tron[TRX] was one of the coins that resisted the Bearish market. This shows that TRX is going to be tougher to breakdown easily.

The market cap as on today is $1.642billion and still growing. The volume traded over 24h is $281.2 million. TRX coins are showing bullish trend over a long period unlike the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin[BTC].

Looking at the 7day chart, on 10th of Jan when the whole market was going through tough times, TRX was the one who saw a exceptional growth. TRX has surged by 15.75% higher this month on the Bitfinex
Later on due to market sentiments, TRX prices went down on 14th Jan. This downturn reflected back soon the next day. Now the prices show that the bulls are in charge of the stock.

In the recent news by the Tron Foundation, it is clear that ABCC exchange has now partnered with TRX. ABCC has a huge intention to support as many as top cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

It has made its expansion clear in a tweet made by ABCC and the same was re-tweeted by Justin Sun, CEO of Tron Foundation.

The announcement brought into light when ABCC exchange hit social media ‘revealing the partnership with Tron foundation’. The exchange appears as the first trading platform to list TRC-10 tokens.

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