Tron [TRX] to be added on Trust Wallet and signs of bullish trend for TRX

Tron [TRX] to be added on Trust Wallet – signs of a bullish trend for its market

Tron [TRX] is globally ranked number 11 in the crypto market. The coin has been added to the Trust Wallet in the recent week. An official blog was published by the Trust Wallet stating about its addition and changes. The multi-coin wallet is available on iOS and Android.

Trust Wallet is quite proud about its growth and for the announcement. Trust wallet has also added many other major currencies to the wallet. They are as follows, Ethereum [ETH], GoChain [GO], POA Network [POA], Callisto [CLO], Ethereum Classic [ETC], Wanchain [WAN] and VeChain [VET].

The wallet now supports all ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 tokens, according to the resources. The Trust Wallet is now backed by Binance, being the most secure and intuitive multi-coin wallet.

The further pan of the Walker is to add to their wallet few more major currencies like Bitcoin [BTC], Litecoin [LTC], and Bitcoin Cash [BCC] by end of the year.


Tron is still gaining momentum even though being in the bullish markets. At the time of writing TRON[TRX] stocks were changing hands at $0.023435 with a decline of 0.49%. The market cap of TRX is almost $ 15.43 billion along with a volume of $64.73 million over the past 24h.

The price graph for seven days shows a slight decline in prices tending to show a bearish trend. While last week it had gained momentum to show a bullish trend.
Justin Sun, CEO of Tron Foundation tells the community about overtaking Ethereum in its daily transactions.

He says:
TRON’s one-day trade volume has surpassed Ethereum’s for the past few days in a row. This is a testament to the fact that TRON’s network activity is steadily increasing.”

He adds:
“We will continue working hard on increasing the quantity and quality of our dApps to also surpass Ethereum—that is our next goal.”

Justin Sun has a very influential voice over the blockchain industry and has all the dignity to do so. He is also a firm believer in the future of changing blockchain industry.

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