TRON’s Role in Creating a Sustainable Cryptocurrency Model

The cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, together promote infinite possibilities for a better future which would definitely include opportunities such as greater data security, decentralizes internet and economy. The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun illustrated some explicit ideas regarding the ongoing developmental programs going on for cryptocurrencies.

While doing so, he points out that, one of the notable developments taking place in the cryptocurrency field is TRON’s recent purchase of software company BitTorrent and that they share a vision of a decentralized, barrier-free internet.

Justin Sun informed:

“One of the reasons we purchased BitTorrent, besides its great team, is that we’ll be able to test scalability like no one else, with 100 million monthly active users getting exposure next year to blockchain TRON and BitTorrent will continue to work on separate projects, while orbiting each other and collaborating on that goal of decentralizing the internet.”

In fact, one of the collaborations is said to be as giant as a Project At last which would be readily available for exposition in the next year. The occasion of niTRon Summit is chosen to highlight more details about the most awaited project, which is to be held in San Francisco from January 17th to 18th, 2019.

“That project will incentivize BitTorrent users to share more content through the use of cryptocurrency,” Sun says. In the process, the project aims to connect the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network and the TRON blockchain network in order to open up a global, borderless economy.

“Kobe graciously agreed to sit down on stage for a fireside chat with me because we both believe in entrepreneurship. “niTRon is all about that, and unleashing the creativity of people who feel like they are being locked out of sharing and profiting with their work because big-name companies erect barriers to that content.”

Justin Sun adds:

“We also want niTRon to be about education–focusing on understanding the fundamentals of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer sharing. Many of our fantastic list of panellists will be speaking to these topics.”

It is important for the upcoming developers to possess the necessary tools mandatory for a continued facility of services to keep on going for the project of a prospectus decentralized internet. TRON comes in here in this space to support the developers. TRON even took the initiative to launch an accelerator program which is now successfully drawing more developers to the platform of TRON.

Justin Sun again comments:

“We think we stand out with our accelerator program because it’s stable, more efficient and has lower fees associated with it. The biggest issue really is educating developers globally–first on ‘why blockchain?’ and second on ‘why TRON?’ That’s why we recently launched the $1 million (USD) TRON Accelerator DApp competition. By giving prizes totalling that $1 million, the developer community gets to… execute their ideas or projects on TRON.”

TRON is currently trading at $1,752,717,356, priced at $0.026300 and a circulating supply of 66,643,600,527. It is up by as much as 35.22% as per the weekly scale and by 11.01% as per the last 24 hours at the time of writing.

TronGrid, TronWeb, TronStudio, and TronBox are the suit of tools through which TRON performs.

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