Tron(TRX) showing the market its worth by recording a growth of 64%

With a huge period of bears in the crypto-world, all the currencies are back in green figure. And Tron has shown a remarkable growth compared to other currencies.

The prices of Consensys and Ethereum had hit the rock bottom. Ethereum hitting the lowest of low of $83 USD on 7th December. Yet Tron is leading the battle with a average growth of 64% over the past week according to

One of the main factors contributing to Tron’s gains is the recent increase in developers migrating from the Ethereum network to join Tron’s. Of course, that has increased its market cap by a good percentage.
Justin Sun, CEO of Tron(TRX) has been taking advantage with the optimum use of the growth and under performance of other currencies. In his tweet he made clear that he will accept resume from employees working in Consensys and Ethereum.

Along with the partnership with Binance and Malta, Tron(TRX) shows that they are all ready for a real competition. TRX is being traded at $0.021609 USD with a current growth of 64% over the past 7 days, the most for a cryptocurrency in 7 days.

The trading volume has also tripled in the past ten days, while current volume is $158. 7 million.
TRX stands at position 10 in the market by total market cap while it retains position 8 in terms of trading volume. That makes this crypto a rather stable digital currency. At the time of this writing, TRX is trading at $0.0200.

Another tweet by Justin Sun, suggested the possible slump of the crypto companies namely Consensys and Ethereum. The tweet also said that the companies show 60% layoff and 90% price drop will lead to no funding and shutdown of the projects. It is time for the companies to save their ships.

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