VCTRADE Welcomes Deposits for Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum

An SBI Holdings backed crypto exchange, VCTRADE has of late announced their advancements about accepting deposits for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and XRP. VCTRADE made the announcement proudly on their twitter official website.

The declaration stated as follows:

“VCTRADE will begin providing virtual currency receipt service from December 21, 2018 (Friday). In this way, we will receive XRP (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) from the virtual currency handled by the Company from Wallet etc of another virtual currency exchange trade.”

They are willing to take further actions to make withdrawals of the cryptocurrencies from January 2019 onwards. This had been confirmed in one of the recent news as well:

“We plan to start sending this virtual currency sending service as soon as preparation is completed from late January 2019. Information on the designated wallet (how to obtain, notes on use etc.) will be provided from time to time on the website of our company or our affiliated company.” About VCTRADE

VCTRADE cryptocurrency was launched in June this year to take concerns around XRP. Only the pre-registered customers were thought to be given the facility, owing to the fact that registration was closed for a month. They again started their new registration process soon. The chief executive officer of the executive, Yoshitaka Kitao spoke about the future expectations regarding VCTRADE before the official launch was made.

Kitao stated:

“When we do it, it will be number one in the blink of an eye so quickly, so even if a tremendous number of customers come, we can build a system that can bear. We have to pursue safety thoroughly.”

VCTRADE had adopted the age-no-bar policy due to public demand, for which people above the age of 70 can also participate actively. To add more to the list, VCTRADE is planning to arrange for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) depositions soon after Bitcoin (BTC), XRP (Ripple) and Ethereum (ETH).

Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum are the top digital currencies which definitely stays on the highlights and the users tend to count on these three currencies more as a matter of fact. The rise and fall of the crypto verse are almost calculated by measuring the performance level of them. Any wavering of the performance affects the succeeding coins including the hard forks of Bitcoin as well. Among the hard forks of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been able to achieve the fame equivalent to Bitcoin almost.

Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading at $69,838,798,855, priced at $4.005.10 with a glaring success of 23.52% in the last seven days.

XRP (Ripple), at the time of writing, is trading well with a market cap of $14,785,724,045 with a weekly profit of as much as 26.27%, priced at $0.362,447.

Ethereum (ETH), priced at $115.98 has been also giving hope for a better 2019, bagging a market cap of $12,056,466,141. It’s performance have been scripted in green as well at the rate of 36.49%.

VCTRADE’s hope for being able to accept BCH is also awaited, which ranks 4th in the crypto verse.

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