Waves [WAVES]: How it works, Price, Market Cap

Waves is a blockchain platform which has been designed for the users to create their own custom token. If we talk about the need of a crowdfund of a project or the need to build a loyalty rewards program or to design an in-app currency, the platform provided by Waves is worth looking into.

In simple words, the new tokens created by the user are transferred using the platform provided by Waves and so is the case with the attachments on blockchain transactions. There has been an inherent problem with the strategy on which the platform has been working. As the Waves platform makes use of the typical blockchain protocol which is seen in the platform which is used in Bitcoin, the network client software has to take care of the update with every new and distinct transaction type. This update has been popularly been named as hard fork. As the whole world has noticed through the blockchain history that hard forks come along with a number of risks and a great amount of work.

To get rid of this issue, Waves carries out new transaction types through plug-ins as an extension in addition to the core software. By applying this method, the user can relay the custom transaction through the network even if the user is missing the plug-in. Hence this way the users can still participate in the network without updating the software.

There are a handful of features in the core Waves software which include: Custom Application Tokens (CATs), Decentralized exchange (DEX) and Smart Contracts.

Waves [WAVES] is currently placed at the 35th position in the global list of crypto assets. As of now the crypto asset has been priced at $1.49 USD which in Bitcoins is equal to 0.00038458 BTC. In the last one week the price of the crypto asset has scaled up from $0.90 USD to $1.49 USD. In terms of Bitcoins the price in the last one week has increased from 0.00024 BTC to 0.00038 BTC. The market cap of the cryptocurrency has been $149,417,265 USD which in terms of Bitcoins has been 38,458 BTC. The volume of the crypto asset transacted has been $9,366,874 USD/2,411 BTC. The circulating supply of Waves [WAVES] has been 100,000,000 WAVES.

In the last 7 days Waves [WAVES] has had a tremendous increase in its price as it has achieved a 53.21% increase. In the last 24 hours there has been a 2.58% decrease in the price for the crypto asset. In the last one hour a decrease of 0.05% in the price of Waves [WAVES] has been recorded. [ recorded at 9:00 AM IST]

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