Whatsapp Accounts Hacked By Voicemail

Technology is progressing with the speed of light so are the ways to misuse that technology. Every day millions of accounts are created on popular social media services like Facebook,Whatsapp,Instagram etc. However , these accounts are highly unsecure because of irresponsibility of users .

In addition, Hackers have become more aware than ever of their target’s social life. These hackers are targeting the social media accounts of their targets .

Furthermore , Every day new methods and techniques are introduced in the black hat hacker world to hack these popular social media services .

Recently, One very unique hacking technique that could be used to hack whatsapp accounts has been discovered in Israel. The Israel government’s Cyber Security agency has sent out a nation-wide security alert about this hacking practice. This hacking technique allows hackers to use your voicemail system to take over your whatsapp account.

ZDNet reported , This new hacking method was first reported in year 2017 by an Israeli web developer named Ran Bar-Zik.

Recently , a lot of news came out of whatsapp accounts getting hacked by using phone’s voicemail . In conclusion , The Israel government’s cyber security agency had to put out a security alert .

The report explains that , Most of the users who use voicemail with their phone numbers do not change their account’s default password which is usually either 0000 or 1234, this security misconfiguration can cause in hackers overtaking their whatsapp account .

How can hackers do this ?

The attacker uses the victim’s phone number while installing whatsapp on his own phone, then whatsapp sends an OTP code that user has to enter in order to initialize the account , but the attacker will enter wrong codes several time , this will result in whatsapp using voice verification . Whatsapp will then call the victims phone and will speak the verification code. Now if the victim does not answer the call , the code will land up in his/her voicemail . The attacker can easily access the victim’s voicemail and will easily get the verification code . In conclusion , this will result in victim’s whatsapp account getting hacked.

How to be safe ?

  • Always change your account’s default username and password .
  • In addition , never let any stranger use your phone .
  • Furthermore, if you suspect any unusual activity on your social accounts , immediately report it to the respective social media services.

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