XRP Creates Fresh Ripples with the New Rulebook

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple (XRP) once again with his admirable confidence stated on CNBC this last Tuesday that he considers that Ripple would be used by several banks by the end of the next year, i.e., 2019. XRP, as is known is an open-source codebase that has the ability to perform 1,500 plus transactions within a fraction of a second. XRP coins come in here.

In fact, Garlinghouse has always been so much confident about XRP, that during another interview at the Money 20/20 Conference, stated clearly that:

“I have said it before that by the end of 2019, the xRapid ledger will be a significant tool in banks around the world. Before 2019 comes to an end, I believe that dozens of banks will embrace Ripple.”

The xRapid project is said to be one of the proposed steps to provide liquidity solutions for financial institutions permitting them to make cross-border payments in a speedier and cost-effective way which is transparent as well.

Recently, XRP submitted it’s own rules that are to be strictly followed. Reddit records all of them:

Rule 1: Obey Golden Rules

One is expected to treat others the same way as he would like to be treated. Illicit behaviour like conducting personal attacks and insults, death threats and ragging would be punishable.

Rule 2: Keep the Discussions XRP Related

The posts published must be wholly or partially related to XRP, Ripple or even projects and businesses connected to the same. In fact, it has been wisely decided upon that any comments or threads which do not concern Ripple would be simply discarded. Repeat offenders would be permanently banned. The videos or articles to be provided would be expected to revolve on or around Ripple or XRP. The comparisons and discussions of altcoins have been assigned under the category, Daily XRP Discussion Thread.

Rule 3: FUD, Scare Tactics and Marketing Hype are Prohibited

Misinformation and fake news are not allowed to be posted whatsoever. No shrewd means of evoking unnecessary FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) should be sought to be promoted. Upon breaking the rule, one is liable to be banned.

Rule 4: Use Suitable Titles and No Excessive Caps

For rule 4, there are essentially 3 sub-rules under it. All of them are ‘supplements’ to the previous three rules.

#1: Vulgarity detected in a headline which may be considered offensive, would be removed immediately.

#2: No deviated titles which do not address Ripple would not be acceptable and would be followed up by a removal of it. Promoting or drawing parallels with another coin in the title would be unacceptable.

#3: Deceptive or misleading titles would also suffer a discard.

Rule 5: No Spamming and No Low-effort Contents

Contents that would gather at least 20 comments and would draw a week-long account age are invited for a participation in which altcoins are not allowed. Posts including unwanted fillers like referral links, phishing websites, or advertisements would be erased. Inefficient contents, memes reaction GIFs, speculation/hype, old links are all disregarded.

Rule 6: Use Search Before Posting Basic Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions regarding Ripple (XRP) which have already been addressed would not be taken into consideration once more. One is suggested to use the search box provided before posting their questions. Some guidelines and helpful links could be found on the right sidebar. However, a new question would be provided with an explanation soon.

Rule 7: Trading is not Permitted

Buying and selling of XRP, asking for XRP or carrying out a giveaway or contest concerning XRP would be removed. Even comments connoting any of the aforementioned must be banned. Articles on technical analysis may be considered occasionally only with regard to its quality.

Rule 8: Do Not Incite or Advocate Illegal Activities and Illicit Contents

The users who would seek to post links to phishing and farming websites, malware or spyware are liable to be banned without any kind of prior notice. Encouraging tax evasion, promoting leaks, revealing personal information would be taken under scrutiny.

Rule 9: Do Not Scrape or Plagiarize and Include Source

Helpful links even though are allowed, but simply rephrasing original articles would not be credited. It is advisable to either link to the sources directly or to provide sources in the post or comment for clarity.

Rule 10: Report Violations and Communicate with XRP Moderators

It is requested that upon discovering posts and comments that violate any of the above rules to be reported immediately. XRP mod claims to take every report with seriousness and keep their sub untainted.

XRP, upon gaining the second position refuses to lose it under any condition and thus the mega shield in the name of the rulebook has been furnished, comments the experts. However, regarding the price of Ripple, Garlinghouse opines:

” The industry is nascent and speculation is what dominates the market action. In time, people will understand the unique use cases. Bitcoin will be a panacea as people suspected it will be. Bitcoin will solve different problems. There are different kinds of blockchains and ledgers being created daily.”

Ripple (XRP) has been currently trading at $13,693,664,236, priced at $0.339563. At the time if reporting, it is trading in red just as some of the other major coins including Bitcoin.

Prominent steps are being taken by XRP with more than 200 financial institutions leveraging their network with either of the following- xCurrent, xRapid or xVia. Ripple is said to possess about one hundred paying customers who have gone beyond one billion dollars.

We’ve got around a 100 paying customers, we’ve moved over a billion dollars on the network we’re opening new corridors. When I joined the company, around 9 months ago, they were doing one deal in 6 weeks. Now it’s 6 days.”

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